The iran society & founded in 1935

2008 Journal

Contents of the 2008 Journal
Officers and Council of The Society
Corporate Members
Objects and activities of The Society
Chairman’s introduction
Lectures to the Society:
The art of Omar Khayyam
Acceptance & denial: HIV in Iran
Travel Report:
Contemporary Iranian theatre
From the Archives:
Haji Sheikh Baqer of Hamadan
Colonel C.E. Stewart
Professor Ann Lambton O.B.E.
Paul Gotch O.B.E.
Shusha Guppy
Book Reviews:
Omar Khayyam: Poet, rebel, astronomer
Obeyd Zakani – Ethics of the aristocrats
Iran – The Bradt Travel Guide
Empire of the mind – History of Iran
Iran – A chronological history
In the rose garden of the martyrs
Persia through writers’ eyes