The Iran Society, founded in 1935


In 2002, The Iran Society re-launched its Journal, which had ceased publication in 1954. It is intended that the Journal will be issued on an annual basis and will contain summaries of lectures to the Society, reviews of the Society’s other activities, book reviews etc.

The Journals are available in PDF format. The latest issue of the journal is available to download below. For previous issues of the journal, please select the relevant year’s link from the menu.

Contents of the 2016 Journal


Javanmardi in the Iranian Tradition

17th Century Paintings from Safavid Iran

Travel Scholar’s Report:

Marc Czarnuszewicz

Book Reviews

Sweet Boy Dear Wife: Jane Dieulafoy in Persia 1881-1886

The Memoirs of Prince Arfa’: Qajar Persia and Imperial Russia 1853-1902

Nazi Secret Warfare in Occupied Persia

Writers Uncensored

The Love of Strangers

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