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From Golha to Golistan: Jane Lewisohn

Archiving and Preserving the 20th-century Persian Performing Arts Jane Lewisohn – SOAS Department of Music Jane Lewisohn has devoted many years to running the Golha project to preserve and archive recordings of classical Persian music and poetry. “In this presentation I will highlight some of the challenges the researcher is confronted with…
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Dr Richard McClary: The Apotheosis of Brick Decoration in the Persianate World: Qarakhanid Monuments of Central Asia and Some Antecedents in Iran

This lecture examines structures built and decorated in brick during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Following an overview of the some of the antecedent structures built by the Buyids in Isfahan and Na’in, the focus turns to what can be seen to be some of the finest examples of brick…
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Tracing water buffalo in the medieval Islamic world

In present day north-western Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, water buffalo are a common component of livestock farming, thriving in wetland environments and providing milk, meat, and, until recently, animal traction. Like other established populations in Egypt or southern Italy, however, the story of how and when they arrived there is mysteriously opaque, based on…
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