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Fuchsia Hart: Fath Ali Shah’s Good Deeds – Shrine patronage in early Qajar Iran

Army & Navy Club 36-39 Pall Mall, London

The artistic patronage of the second Qajar ruler Fath Ali Shah (r. 1797-1834) is well known. Less studied is his patronage of the major shrines within his lands. in Qom, Mashhad and Iraq. This included the building of new courtyards, the gilding of domes and iwans, and the gifting of doors inlaid with rubies and […]

Alan Dillon: Curzon’s Codifier – J.G. Lorimer and his Gazetteer 

Army & Navy Club 36-39 Pall Mall, London

 In 1903, Lorimer was commissioned by the British Raj to compile a handbook for British diplomats and agents in the Persian Gulf region. Initially given only six months, he insisted on being granted more time to ensure the handbook was thorough. The result was the 5,000 page two-volume Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf and Central […]

Aleksander Engeskaug: The Economy of Zoroastrian Fire Temples in Sasanian Iran (POSTPONED)

Army & Navy Club 36-39 Pall Mall, London

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE The Sasanian era (ca. 224-651 AD) was a period of unprecedented cultural, scientific and economic achievements in Iranian history. Ideologically, the Sasanian empire was founded upon the religion of Zoroastrianism, a main feature of which was the worship of the sacred Fire in dedicated fire temples. Many […]